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Make your copy sing! I’ll work with you to craft an authentic, engaging voice for your brand, so you can stand out and be heard by your target audience. Areas of expertise: natural food and products, yoga and spirituality, sustainability, outdoor gear and apparel, mountain sports, adventure and luxury travel, culture, and tech.


Need a tune-up? I’ll polish your words till they sparkle. Sometimes, all it takes is a set of eagle eyes to elevate your copy head and shoulders above the rest. Place your manuscript, catalog, landing page, email sales sequence, newsletter, blog post, and more in my capable hands and watch the magic happen.

Content Strategy + UX Design

Not sure where to start? Hire me to do a complete audit of your current digital real estate from website to email marketing to social. Together, we can create compelling calls-to-action that build trust with your audience – while driving sales. I’ll create a comprehensive digital media plan catered to your specific goals.


I'm Jennifer.(AKA JDF, DJ Freakadelka)

As a journalist and editor with over 15 years’ experience, I know how to tell a story with words. After launching a career in print newspapers in Russia in the early 2000s, I transitioned to digital media in the United States, where I ran websites and social media for five national magazines: Women’s Adventure, Clean Eating, Vegetarian Times, Live Naturally, and Yoga Journal. I still take the occasional freelance assignment for lifestyle publications, but digital content is my bread and butter.

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What They Are Saying

  • Photo by Willem De Meyer on Unsplash
    I have hired Jennifer to create content for Bold Betties and each time, I am more impressed than the time before! Not only Jennifer's storytelling style is captivating, but she draws the audience like I have never seen. The results are clear for Bold Betties: each time Jennifer publishes a piece for us, we get at least 7x-10x of our average viewership. Her SEO ability is top-notch and her voice is on-brand.
    Arezou Zarafshan
  • I believe Jennifer—a true self-starter and valuable team player—was the best hire of my career because she is exceptionally driven, refreshingly outgoing, and passionate to a fault. She put 110 percent into her job as the Online Communications Manager at Women's Adventure, and I am going to miss working with her. I would highly recommend Jennifer to anyone looking to hire a positive and hard-working woman.
    Jennifer Olson
  • Jennifer is wonderful to work with. She brings years of editorial finesse to digital content and has brought to new heights, turning print content into an optimized, user-focused and digital-first multimedia experience across platforms. Can't say enough good things about Jen!
    Patty Hodapp